Why chicks rule the roost

I have to be honest with you, it’s not often I find inspiration for a blog from pages 14 and 15 of the Australian Financial Review, but there you have it. On two consecutive pages, irrefutable proof of why chicks rule, why blokes have their heads up their own arses and why we should listen, look and learn a lot more from the women in ours and other’s lives. Look out blokes, this one is aimed fairly and squarely at you.

The first yarn to grab my attention was a story picked up from the New York Times headlined “Women take the lead in US funding talks.” It wrote of the leading women on both sides of politics taking the lead in an attempt to broker a deal to resolve this ridiculous shutdown of the US government. It wasn’t a huge story but it spoke volumes. If you want to read the story go here.

In a nutshell, women senators from both the Republican and Democrat sides had simply had enough of the pathetic, bull headed, lame brained male posturing on the shutdown and sat down to try to negotiate a settlement. And it’s getting somewhere. Women make up only 20 per cent of the US senate but of those senators actively engaged in bipartisan negotiations, 50 per cent are women. It says a lot. Men are mostly full of shit and would rather defend an indefensible, damaging position than negotiate, “weaken” and risk losing bragging rights among their thick-headed constituency (of blokes). Women want it resolved because for God’s sake that’s the bloody sensible, smart pragmatic thing to do…

Men let ego rule logic. It’s the old balls over the brains analogy.

I will give you my own personal case study of why most men have a hell of a lot to learn from the chicks.

Over the past 15 years I have run many wine education courses. At each course my students are almost always split 50/50 by gender. But the women are always, not mostly but always, the best students. Why? Because believe it or not they come on the course to learn something. To learn why a riesling tastes fruity or why chardonnay tastes as it does, why Shiraz is spicy and cabernet sauvignon structured… they listen, they ask relevant questions and they leave wiser.

The blokes? They come to tell people what they know. And maybe pull a chick who wants to see their cellar – memo boys – they don’t. The blokes want to tell me about the labels they have tasted, the expensive wines in their cellar and they want to tell me why they only drink a certain wine or region – in essence, their stupid closed minds are made up.

At the end of the course when we taste wines “blind”, the women inevitably can tell the different varieties apart, the blokes can’t, but they seem not to care… “My mate at the bank bought a dozen Grange the other day at $400 a bottle, what will that be worth in a few years?” they ask me. Mate I don’t give a shit what your Grange is worth. That’s not why we are here…

It’s a classic insight into the male and female brain. Of course there are exceptions but I swear this is the rule, and I see it in more industries than I should.

I work in an office dominated by women to the extent of 95 per cent. It has its only very particular challenges but I love it. Sure there are disagreements and occasional stinks but the sense of camaraderie and importantly the distinct lack of ego, is something I learn from every day. Not only are my staff relatively ego free themselves but they don’t impress that easily of others. They call it like they see it. It’s always me who gets excited about meeting someone famous but it’s the girls in my office who reply; “but he was such a wanker…” I love it. Cos they’re right.

On page 14 of the AFR was a story that got a run across all the media. In the Fin it was entitled “Business missing out on women’s sport.” It talked of how we spend all our marketing dollars on blokes sports but how women in Australia dominate our sporting success – 10/18 of gold medals or world championships in 2013 and 57 per cent of medals at the London Olympics.

And how have our women sports stars conducted themselves these past 12-18 months? Well with one obvious exception they have conducted themselves with integrity, decency, humility and excellence. Sheesh they are great role models for young girls. Our male sports stars?! Well maybe not so much…  Again, before the two emails from my nine readers roll in, of course there are exceptions. But let’s stick to the rules that make them.

I might be doing a disservice to the brotherhood and I might be disenfranchising myself from the old boys network but it really, truly shits me when I see women not playing the role they should, or getting the recognition they deserve, in community. Whether it is politics, restaurant kitchens, advertising agencies, sporting fields or wherever – an industry can ONLY be improved by the active involvement of PLENTY of women.

We KNOW they are the fairer, stronger, brighter and wiser sex. Yet too many men dominate too many positions and want to enforce their stupid old fashioned male ideals on others.

Of course I’m a bloke and I can certainly have a propensity to bullshit and to let my ego rule my brain. But thankfully for almost all my life I’ve surrounded myself more with smart chicks than dumb blokes. At work I’m utterly outnumbered and at home, well my wife has the single best bullshit detector of anyone I’ve ever met. When she rolls her eyes at my hyperbole or self-indulgence, it very regularly gives me the shits and I think she’s not on my side. But she is, kind of. She’s calling me to account, she’s calling my bluff. She’s like an emotional personal trainer – I hate her while it’s happening but I know deep down it’s doing me good. And I love her completely because of it.

More blokes need women round them like my wife and most wives I know. They need them in their workplace, their parliaments, their places of religion and heaven forbid, maybe even down at the pub. Blokes are BETTER when women are around. Full stop.

I love my bloke time, don’t get me wrong. A day on the punt with the boys at the pub is a rare and exquisite pleasure – but let’s be honest the bullshit is PALPABLE, and, rest assured, I’m a major contributor.

Chicks make the world better by making us blokes more honest. If we truly have balls, if we are truly brave as a gender we will let them in and tell us the truth a lot more than we do today. Sorry blokes but chicks rule, OK?

25 thoughts on “Why chicks rule the roost

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  2. Hmmm. Yeh-bit, I’d have to add that I reckon while chicks are tops, I now reckon no chick is at her topsest-ever without a legend bloke who supports her.


    The horror of this comment.

    Well look, one time long ago, I’d never have been able to cope with myself either – for such a seemingly anti-feminist viewpoint. Fine print, seemingly irrelevant but isn’t: I’d also given up on meeting the love of my life.

    Having now lived both sides (single, women’s career feminist working in women’s magazines with a full-female staff + occasional gay guy VERSUS working alongside my awesome soulmate bloke in even mix of male-female team), I’d say I was a better person, colleague and manager with my bloke supporting me, than I was when I did it all alone.

    Stu’s invite: research this point by asking Tops Woif if she reckons she’s better at her career with him in her life, or better at her career with him outta her life.

    Will Stu be surprised to hear that she rates herself more highly with his support? Probably. Would i be surprised to hear she thought herself better without him? Totally. But it aint gonna pan out like that.

    Are women intrinsically better at stuff than men? Nup. I won’t buy it. Old days, you couldna convinced me otherwise.

    These days I see it like this: Can brave men learn from strong women? Totally. Can strong women benefit from the support of a loving man? Absolutely.

  3. It would be hard to refute, being a female and all:) I think that there is just different styles and working in the production side of the still male dominated area of wine, it would be nice if we saw a bit more balance in the approach, after all we are here to reach the same end, make really good wine.

    • i reckon wine might be one of the more reasonable and balanced workplaces – plenty of us have female bosses in the wine business and it just seems so . . .normal. well at least it does to me. brave is the man who takes you in rebekah . . .

  4. Seven people in my little business & I’m the only bloke. Tried a few males but they either had inflated heads, drug problems or just didn’t give a shit. Wish the girls would learn to turn off the lights at the end of the day though!

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